About The Film:
we happened to gorge on the beautiful process of absolutely delicious looking food being made, from Shwarma to rolls, they had it all to make us want to just stare and watch in wonderment, while we did that however, an obvious fact struck us. We just couldn’t long for this food alone, we had to make others feel the same way. Thus came in the idea to make the food our muse. 
Here is just a bit for you all to fall in love with too, we at French Fries Entertainment deeply regret any food binging that might cause you to over eat after watching this video. 
Technical Details:
Camera: Sony A7s (custom profile to shoot in direct sunlight)
Lens: Our favourite Tamron Macro SP 90mm f/2.8 with variable ND
and our craving (no fancy accessories used)


Shot By: Ravneet and Kunj
Edited By: Amit Setia
Color Graded By: Ravneet Oberoi
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