About the Film:
How often do you come across people who are still send across vibes of teenage-romantic love affairs even after 25 years of marriage? Not often, right? But fortune hit us when Mr. Sunil and his wife Mrs. Sarita Aggarwal hired us to cover the celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary. Being tied to their religious realms, they celebrated this important day by organising a Khatushyam Chowk. A musical chowk came to us like a challenge. Romanticising a story in an event like this was new to us.Even the very thought of it was difficult to digest. But you know what made it easy? Having met them a number of times and after getting to know them better, we realised that their tale is of an extremely romantic journey and it came so naturally that everything fell into place on its own.
And things that are beautiful to the heart are equally pleasing to the eyes. So without delay, we started working towards it. Work started with the team interviewing them at their residence, talking to the guests, talking to every member, big or small, because in a family, everybody counts. We seldom tried making the video look fancy, their story was enough to fit the weightage. Simple background and focus on the subject matter worked really well for us. However, we came across the problem of sound. Since, the family recently shifted to their new abode, there were not too much of decor, this created the problem of echo. Even the lowest of decibel produced it. But French Fries Entertainment has its own hack crack book. We worked on the sound by mixing audio signals and taking an average of both.

The Khatushyam Sandhya was arranged in proximity to their residence. Before we began shooting, we tried familiarising ourselves, we became a part of the evening instead of being just cinematographers. "You deliver your best when your work with them and not for them" - French Fries Entertainment , Rule No.1 
We gathered every perspective we could work on and this helped us find our way through. And here are we, with a near to perfect video to a perfect love story. To their 25th Anniversary and many more that are yet to come,Cheers!
Equipments Used:
- Canon 5D MKIII x 2 on Pro-Lost PP
- Tamron SP 24-70 f/2.8
- Tamron SP 90mm f/2.8 Macro
- Samyang Cine 14mm t/3.1
- Canon 50mm f/1.4 USD

 - Zoom H6, Rode Lav, Rode VMP & Sony Boom Mic

- Konova Slider
- PnC Shoulder Rig
- Manfrotto Tripods

- Edited on Premiere CC
- Color graded using Magic Bullet Looks II
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