About The Film:
Shooting for weddings have taught us one thing. That there is one and only one person who is meant to be there for you. While the newer generation is bold enough to go out and decide for themselves who is their perfect choice , there are few who get connected by threads of an "Arrange Marriage". And no matter how fearsome marrying a stranger may seem to an outsider, for them this was all that they needed. One could see the love that they had for each other, just by looking at how they smiled, one of the best  weddings we have shot, Sunil and Sheetal's wedding video will take you over a charismatic story, way beyond your imagination.
Yes, it did sound difficult in the first place but once the team of French Fries Entertainment started knowing the couple closely and personally ,everything seemed to have made much more sense.
Two strangers, Sunil and Sheetal meet as prospective life partners in a not so comfortable meeting arranged by their parents. However even in difficult conditions, they decided to get married, something clicked between them from the very beginning. Technology,came to their rescue, disguised at Cupid and slowly those late night conversations became a part of their daily routine and eventually they fell in love. And then they confessed, any guesses on  where?
On a Rikshaw ride through the crowded lanes of Chandni Chowk. 
There are people who look for moments to express and then there are people like Sunil and Sheetal who have the ability to make any moment, however absurd it is, look beautiful. 
Folks, Love doesn't need a perfect place or a good time; all it needs is the ability to be in love and the ability to assure your better half that you mean everything that you say.
Talking about the wedding, well the families left  no stone unturned to be the perfect hosts. The traditional Indian style dominated their ceremonies and everything was done to best of their abilities. The team personally got so engrossed in capturing each and every moment, that they shot for 20 hours each day. We did have our share of the utterly delicious and lip smacking delicacy that the wedding offered. 
Words can fall short but we won't be able to  stop , there is so much for us to write and convey but lets say, the video has it all. Let's go through the love notes shared between Sunil and Sheetal; lets watch their magical journey. 
Technical Details: 
- Shot entirely on Canon DSLRs at 50fps - 720p
- Zeiss Cine Lenses (25mm, 50mm, 85mm & 135mm)
- Sound via Rode Lavalier, Rode VMP on Zoom H6 (Broke my lavaliere, so the on camera Rode and Zoom XY are also used in the final audio)
- Pro-Lost Picture Profile (this has become a standard)
- Edited on Adobe CC 
- Color graded using Magic Bullet Looks II
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