The Beer Festival

Project Team:
Directed, Shot, Edited & Color Graded by Ravneet Oberoi
Additional Cinematography by Kunj Gutka
Client : TJ's Brew Works
About The Film:
Tj’s Brew works, has quite a name in the brewed beer market especially if you happen to live in Pune. One of India’s first MicroBreweries, they serve handcrafted beer and great food to go along. 
Craft Beers stands out on the beer family tree, not just because of its freshness quotient, but also because the way it is made, its uniqueness as well as the love with which its made. While on one hand, regular beer, is made in a similar way over and over again, to be distributed to a large audience, craft beer is made on a limited scale, to serve just a fraction of the beer loving population. 
Microbreweries, maintain their coveted title by serving it on a small scale, yet just to give the public a chance, once in a while, they hold beer festivals. Festivals that have the ability to haunt the nights of every beer lover ever. These beautiful gatherings are centered on a common ground, that is love for beer and have the selected craft beers served. 
Team French Fries Entertainment happened to attend one such hauntingly beautiful event, held in Mumbai. Now, obviously, we just couldn’t let the opportunity of showcasing this awesome get together go by, and hence the video. 
Take our word for it, you can’t go through watching the whole video, without at least once thinking, “Man I wish I was there!”. But of course, even the idea that you all would get green with envy couldn’t stop us from uploading this video.
Share it, watch it, and definitely add going to a Beer Festival to your bucketlist. And most importantly, if you go, don’t forget to thank us for fueling your desire!
Technical Details:
Camera: Sony a7s
Accessories: Table Dolly, Shoulder Rig, Konova Slider
Lenses: Samyang cine 14mm, Canon 40mm pancake, Tamron 24-70, 90mm Macro
Post Production: Edited using Premiere Pro CC and color graded with personalized LUTs
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